1963 Lyrics By Jenna Davis(1963 Letras)

1963 Ukulele Chords By Jenna Davis

Play 1963 Ukulele Chords By Jenna Davis. 1963 Ukulele Chords By Jenna Davis are C, Am, F, Gsus.

1963 Ukulele Chords By Jenna Davis

1963 Ukulele Chords By Jenna Davis

Why Can’t We Go (C)Back to 63
To Sit in Those (Am)Old Drive in Seats
And Listen to (F)Elvis Sing
While We Kiss in the (Gsus)Backseat (G)

When We’d Both Make It (C)Home Past Dark
From Watching the (Am)Moon Hug Stars
You’d Hold My (F)Hand Tight
As We Part(Gsus) for the Night (G)

When You Pull Me (C)Close
Scrunch Your (F)Nose
Whisper in My (C)Ear
Nice and (Gsus)Slow (G)

Play: Maybe Maybe Chords By Jenna Davis

You’d say (C)you’re my 1960’s baby
(Am)Never leave my side
(F)We can fall asleep
Under the (Gsus)stars or sneak out (G)tonight

Our (C)parents may worry
But we, (Am)both know that we’re fine
They say (F) teenage love Don’t last but
I got (Gsus)hope for you and (G)I

Why can’t we go (C)back to 63
To seat on those (Am)old diner seats
And you’ll make (F)fun of me
I don’t (Gsus)mind it(G)

When the (C)roads are bare
You speed to (Am)make me scared
But they you’ll (F)stop
Cause you know I’m the (G)good girl at heart

It’s when you pull me (C)close
Scrunch your (C)nose
Whisper in my (C)ear
Nice & (G)slow

Cause you’re my (C)1960’s (Am)baby
(F)Promise me you’ll never leave my (Gsus)side (G)
(C)Stay with me for(Am)ever
(F)Cause i can’t live without you (Gsus)tonight

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Cause (C)you’re my 1960’s baby
(Am) Never leave my side
(F)Stay with me forever
(Gsus)Till we (G)die

They say (C)young love never lasts
But we’ll (Am)prove ’em wrong tonight
Cause (F)you’re my 1960’s baby (G)to(C)night