6 Best Survival Game You should Play

Introduction of Best Survival Game

The survival genre has been incredibly popular and these games showing the similarity of the virtual world to the real world. Today we have Some Best Survival Game in the world.

1. Life After-One of the Best Survival Game on Android

This Image Show Life after

The Nettie’s games are on fire and always gives a Best Survival Game of High Graphics. They have released two excellent games in a one and this game is one of them . It’s a game about same old story that the virus infects the world. Every people is converted into zombie and you have to survive in this situation . So basically it’s a zombie survival game but do not let the story fool that it will be a boring them. Actually it’s really enjoyable game and it just not a shooting game. But it’s a survival game , crafting even building game has excellent online system. The graphics are awesome , your mission is simple , you have to survive and grow the humanity from this apocalypse.

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Apocalypse is one of the great thing about this game. The menu system is so fluent and blends with the well with the world. You will understand when you play the game and another good thing about game is environment. It’s constantly changing and you will see all the weather effects and much more.

Now let’s talk about the flaws in the game , the first thing you’ll notice is that game like facial expression which make the games look dull and dialogue delivery are not correct but they do their job to make a story and another thing is that you will notice the firing or gun combat is not that punchy but there are various type of weapons that make up for it. There are lots of glitches and sometimes Kim might not allow to go forward. Due to certain error but still it’s a great enjoyable game of Android.

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2. Pubg Mobile-Top Trending Best Survival Game

It is an another mind blowing game of survival and now it becomes the world’s Best Survival Game. Pubg mobile would run better than pubg on Xbox and then it would be free. You’d have gotten a lot of strange looks and mobile gaming future never looks brighter absolute remarkable that it run so well and manages to fit all of pubgs features onto tiny touchscreen displays. Xbox version from a technical standpoint texture are nicer. The frame rate is more stable and it hasn’t crashed but of course this is a multiplayer shooter. This kind of game doesn’t track record with touchscreen control overall. It feel a bit better than other mobile shooter but still not that great.

You can easily move around using the joystick and rotating the camera by dragging your right thumb. You also got some buttons on the screen like opening your backpack , crouching , proning and jump button. When a gun is equipped buttons pop down the sights and through the scope and you can fire with either thumb but doing them all at the same time is pretty cumbersome.

Some of them are actually easy to kill BOTS developer. Tencent took a few liberators to compensate for controls by automatically simple tasks. when you walk over a gun for instance , your character automatically equips loads and switches the gun to auto fire and if you walk over ammo for a gun so you’ll pick it up right away the same goes for health unequipped attachments and are armour and there’s even a visual indicator on map and sometimes mini-map showing direction shots are coming from. In case you’re playing without good headphones more than anything else then the portability and accessibility of pubg mobile more than make up for its limitations being able to pull your pocket and drop into the tense battle any time is a remarkable technical achievements.

3. Rust

This Image shows that this is rust world

Rust is an another fabulous game which is something of a classic of the genre including all the expected mechanics likes gather resources , fight with animals , allowing you to hunt , build and defend your base. Rust is quite focused on the PvP element. Fighting or joining with other players is a must if you want to succeed. You can create or edit your player by any kind of looks , skin colour , hairs looks or colour and much more. So what are you waiting for just download , install , feel and feel the reality of the vitual world.

4. ARK: Survival Evolved

This image shows , There is Dragon as a villians fighting With Heroes

ARK survival evolved is an another high real graphic Best Survival Game of all time. Many of the survival crafting games it partially helped popularize arc dumps. You are on the beaches of a massive island and you have in a enough clothing atire to stay. The challenge is to stay fed and hydrated while avoiding a huge variety of terrifying detailed dinosaurs and other beasts. The life of a character you might be taking out Dilophosaurus with throwing spears. There is a really nice flow of technological progression that makes advancement feel like more than just an increase in stats. 30 Hours later , you may preside from a sturdy stone stop which you snipe pterosaurs out of the air with a rifle. So there is a lot of fun in this game with various incredible adventure and massive missions.

5. Conan Exiles

A Person stand in the conan Universe , Which if fully Filled Dangerous things.

The Conan Exiles is very excellent game. Conan universe is a place that is filled with the dangers around every corner. Conan exile lives up to that reputation almost too well. This survival game is tough. The wolves and the Giants and other terror stalking the world around you. If you manage to survive all that a sandstorm or the brutal northern cold might lay you low however the most brutal part of this game is harsh land. Conan exciles can sometimes feel more like a chore than a game.

Conan exile captures the tone of Howard’s harsh world. Crafting is essential and much of the time you spend in Conan Exiles will be simply harvesting resources. One of the first things you will need to craft a shelter for protection from the random sand or snow storms that blow through the map. It’s a super survival game , your eyes can’t be remove to see and play from it once you play this game.

6. Free Fire

A Best Survival Game Free Fire,This Image Shows That , There are many players with different Atire , taking their weapons to shoot

After the pubg mobile , a brand new killing Best Survival Game had launched that is Free fire. It’s an awesome survival games with various actions and you can make strategy to get kills by your weapons or much more ways. This game has become very big in the world. This game is very simple. There is approx total 50 players land on a field of a map , take a bag of different levels , take vest for the protection of the body , take weapons or Grenade to kill the players and if you survive at the end. So you get booyah!! , It’s makes you to go to the higher league by rapid increase in exp.

In this game , you can play many others modes other than classic like Zombie killing mode , Kalahari mode and much more. By the use of cash you can customize your player with the help of diamonds. This game is extremely awesome but the graphics quality is very less than the pubg game.

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