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Conjuring 3 Real Story: The Devil Made Me Do It

The Conjuring: The Devil made me do it, is the third installment in the main conjuring series which begins in 2013. It’s the eighth installment in overall horror movie franchises which includes The nun and the Annabelle (Real doll story). As with the first two Conjuring films, the conjuring 3, “The devil made me do it” is also claimed to be inspired by a true story. There are many horror series that have their real true story but the devil made me do it is a unique story. Let’s start the conjuring 3 real story.

The Conjuring 3 real story- the devil made me do it

The Conjuring 3 Real life Story

The real-life events in the early 1980s and begin with the 12-year-old boy named David Glatzel. David Glatzel has been helping his sister named Debbie. Her fiance named Arne Cheyenne Johnson Clean up the renew property where they were about to move in.

Glatzel Family Overview

There is a total of four members in the Glatzel family. Carl Glatzel(Father of David), her wife named Judy Glatzel, and Debbie and David. They shift to a haunted house. But Glatzel’s family don’t know that there are some very bad spirits or negative demon lives. 

What Happened with the David Glatzel: The Conjuring 3 Real Story Part 1

The Conjuring 3 true story

Let’s begin the conjuring 3 real story. David Glatzel heard some strange and horror voices at night. After some days, he gets cried from the strange voices of the demon. After that, Glatzel’s family have noticed that there are some scratches made on David’s back. And Glatzel family ignore this first because they thought that we have shifted now but the strange noises and the scratches and even David Glatzel’s behavior were looking different. David was not understanding that how he defense himself.

One day, David Glatzel told to his mother that he daily sees an old man at night or even in the daytime. And he looks very bad and very conjures. The Glatzel family takes the help of the doctor. But there is no improvement in the condition of David. Because science cannot overcome these unbelievable things or evil spirits things. Then they take the help of the priest but again there is no improvement. Because the unknown evil spirit has attached to David’s body. 

Last Hope with Ed & Lorraine Warren: The Paranormal Investigators

At last, the famous paranormal investigators named Ed and Lorraine warren come to help the Glatzel family. David told to paranormal investigators that the old man will kill me and take me with him to his world. During the exorcism, the boyfriend of Debbie Glatzel (sister of David) comes there. And that will be the main part of the movie. The boyfriend of Debbie is the character of the conjuring 3 named Arne Johnson. 

During The Exorcism What Happened with the Arne Johnson

The Conjuring 3- the devil made me do it

But what happens? during the exorcism, the devil comes out from David’s body. And David has become safe but the devil comes in the body of Arne Johnson. After David’s life safe, the same strange things happen with Arne Johnson which were first happening with David. The Arne Johnson paranormal activity started. Then eventually, Arne Johnson kills his landlord brutely with a five-inch knife, and after that in the trans-state, he goes towards the forest. Then there is a policeman who comes and arrests him and Arne did not know anything that happened.

This made a serious court real-life case and he told the devil made me do it to kill the landlord with a pocket knife and I have not done anything by myself. This causes a demonic murder with a mental illness. The devil has transferred in my body from the Glatzel family and this becomes a big case in America’s People magazine. We hope this true story will definitely entertained you.

What makes it’s a Unique and True Story?

But you are thinking that any murder also says that the devil made me do it but in that case, there are many unique and unbelievable facts that show Arne Johnson was saying the truth. This makes it a unique and the conjuring 3 true story and in the movie, you will get that vintage conjuring horror scene that scares you. The trailer of the movie is also very genuine and the characters with their dialogue made it another blockbuster horror mega-popular film of all time. The Warner Bros. pictures invite this movie in warner bros. entertainment inc. The Upcoming films on conjuring movie series will come. We will tell other biggest horror movie stories , so stay attacted with musicallytech.