How to score 25 Above Marks in Maths For CTET Exam?

CTET, or Central Teacher Eligibility Test, is a nationwide exam for recruitment into the teaching domain. Thousands of people take the exam to become qualified as government teachers. The CTET exam is divided into two parts: Paper 1 and Paper 2. Candidates who pass CTET Paper 1 are qualified to teach students in grades 1 through 5, whereas those who pass Paper 2 are qualified to teach children in grades 6 through 8. Candidates must pass both Paper 1 and Paper 2 to teach kids from Kindergarten to eighth grade

How to score 25 Above Marks in Mathematics For CTET Exam?

CTET 2022 candidates must have a well-thought-out study plan to ace the exam. The CTET exam is used to recruit teachers for government schools that are affiliated with the central government (with CBSE). Candidates must practise and grasp the topics to clear the CTET maths section.

On that note, let’s discuss a few important preparation strategies that will help you secure above 25 marks in maths section of the upcoming CTET exam.

Solve NCERT Books

Given that the CTET exam is administered by CBSE, one of the most important aspects of CTET exam preparation is the completion of NCERT books. Solve NCERT Maths books up to and including Class X. The NCERT Maths book will assist you in understanding the fundamentals, and the CTET question paper is likewise based on the same level as the NCERT Maths book. For better preparation, go over all of the relevant chapters again and solve each question.

Check the Detailed Exam Pattern and Syllabus

It is critical to look over the complete syllabus and exam pattern before studying for the exam. It will assist you in keeping up with modifications and new additions so that you do not miss out on crucial information. The CTET exam pattern will aid candidates in understanding the question paper to the greatest extent possible. After analysing all of these vital critical factors, you can create a comprehensive study strategy.

For example, when preparing data handling try to solve questions from Pie Charts, Histograms, Bar Graphs, mean, median, mode and Range and avoid wasting time on other advanced topics as per CTET exam syllabus questions from only these data handling topics will be asked in the exam.

Previous Year’s Question Paper of CTET

Solve previous years’ CTET question papers to improve your CTET maths section preparation. The difficulty level of the previous year’s question paper will help you determine the difficulty level of this year’s question paper. It will determine how well you have prepared for the CTET exam.

Clear your basics

The mathematics section of the CTET exam is all about having a sound understanding of concepts to answer questions correctly. This will help you avoid confusion while solving questions. For example, while mean and median, both are measures of central tendency and with a glance at their definition, it is hard to find the glaring difference between the two measures. While mean represents the ‘central’ value of a group of data, Median represents the ‘middle’ value of data arranged in an order.

Prepare Pedagogy questions well

Aspirants should be well-versed in mathematics teaching methodologies and principles. They should be able to use instruments and techniques in a classroom setting. It will require a broad understanding of various instructional approaches as well as their actual use in the classroom. A thorough understanding of appraisal techniques, such as formative and non-formative examinations, is also required.

Try to Go All In

We know that there is no negative marking scheme in the CTET exam. Aspirants have the option of answering as many questions as they choose. This will aid in improving the CTET’s total score. Use the elimination process to get the most appropriate answer to a difficult issue. All of the questions should be read attentively. Go all-in, but with the assistance of your mind. If any doubt, you can contact us.