Mayank Thakur- A very Inspirational man on this planet

Introduction of Mayank Thakur sir

Mr. Mayank Thakur sir is our teachers of teacher who cames in my life as like a dreams. Mr. Mayank Thakur is a very big entrepreneur in India and in among other foreign countries and he is the founder or owner of Aspire World Imagination Pvt ltd. He is a multimillionaire. There is a huge revolution which is created by Mr. Mayank Thakur in India. After getting motivation from Mr. Mayank sir then the blood of motivational people become crazy and excited to achieve the success in our life. He had generated more than seventy thousand sales in five years. I am very thankful to you sir for giving me the great opportunities.

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I remember that I saw Mayank sir at the Christmas day in 2019 and when he came to built the seminar at the greatest level then I also got very emotional and think oh god!! You take me in the world of dreams.

Master Ideas of Sales by Mayank Thakur sir

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Mr. Mayank Thakur sir gives us the master ideas of getting sales to help our youth and make their own brands and he tells his past and inspires each and every person who was in the seminar. He gives many ideas to generate a huge amount of sales. And on that day he came in the form of Centa with many awesome gifts in the form of amazing ideas and fabulous knowledgeable things and make that day very memorable in my life and there is every person in the seminar hall feels like a real business man , like a real CEO.

Story of the legendary Mr. Mayank Thakur sir

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He was born after the end of 1987. The father of Mayank Thakur sir was owned a his a tea stall at R.k Ashram Marg. He was the topper in the business studies when he studied at the private school. He graduated from the Dyal Singh college or Delhi university.

A Very Inspirational Story Of his Life

When everything was going normal in their life but suddenly the construction of metro got arrived and DRMC officials removed the tea stall from there. That time was very difficult or a big Critical situation stand at the from of the Mayank Thakur sir family because there is not any other source than a tea shop to earn income to fulfill the basic needs of the family. The father of Mayank sir was dead with a serious heart attack and later on this situation , there is an another big difficult situation stand at the front of the Mayank sir and their family that is Mayank sir got that his father has a debt of seventeen lakhs rupees.

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So on that time all the family members had do very hardwork to overcome this situation and Mayank sir was also finding a job. After that he got a platform to work , the cost of this platform was approx 6600 in rupees and he started to earn the money and with his a hard work he got approx six thousand rupees of cheque every month and promote their ideas in very critical situation and work with a huge motivation energy and now later on , he was successfully overcome the hard negative time to a positive time. He was brought his first car that was Honda city and also brought many things for his family to stay happy always.

In recent time , he brought his luxurious car that is AUDI. So this is very big motivation , inspirational story of our multi millionaire person so you and we should also inspires from this man If he is struggling a lot , so we can do also , and he gives us a platform to become like Mayank sir to become that man of other inspirational stories of many huge brands in all over the world.

Ideas to startup or doing social work by Mayank sir

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He share us many startup ideas to make a brand and always think about us that every one will fulfill their dreams. There are many things which we get from the founder of Aspire.

  1. He gives us a great platform to see the world who are us!!
  2. He gives a great knowledge or education to us.
  3. Aspire is always gives us or help everyone with the great motivation.
  4. He provides us a lot of facilities or chances to our work.
  5. Mayank Thakur sir gives us opportunity to work with the Google as assistant.
  6. He gives us a great ideas to help people.
  7. He teaches us a good relationship with everybody.
  8. They teaches us a good behaviour , good manner and ethics or teaches us a good conversating way to the other people.
  9. He gives us a chance to collaborate with the big brand and also provides collaboration with the international brand.
  10. Mayank Thakur sir can make us very expert or gives energy in any work with his awesome experience.
  11. He gives us ideas to successfully crack any difficult to difficult situation like an interview.
  12. He provides you the practical exposures from brands of international.
  13. They also teaches us that we should never give up in any critical situation.
  14. He also teaches us a leadership skills to lead our team in much better way.
  15. Aspire teaches us grooming and also teach us that how to select a best career option.
  16. He gives ideas to us how to develop and improve our personality.

Thank you so much sir for all the respect all your loves , providing all the opportunities , we also need this platform in the form of Aspire love you sir.

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