Top 10 Pro Hacking Applications Reviews For Android

Introduction Top hacking applications

Today we will talk about the super top 10 easy pro hacking applications on Android and these applications will be very helpful to you. Today we are going to that applications if these all apps are already installed in your mobile phone so the people will think you are a hacker or they satisfied from you that you are a real hacker. Before we discuss applications , we want to tell you that you should watch this information upto the end which can be very beneficial for you. And in this list of applications , there is an free calling application which is a very big bonus for you. So without waste your time let’s start discussing these amazing applications one by one :-

1. Call Free Call To Phone-The top application

We are going to start this list with this number one very exciting pro hacking applications which we was talk before in introduction.
By the help of this application , you can call freely anyone in the world. The second thing is that you have to take credit first from this application. But we will going to discuss an awesome way to take the free credits. So when you start the application, a dashboard will appear. When you move the plate so you can get credit but if you want to get the big credits so you need to invite to your friends, and one friend invites will gives you one thousand one hundred credits freely , so then you can call anyone freely in the world.

2. Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Application of Android

This is the top second and this will be mind blowing pro hacking applications for you. By the help of this application , you can learn any course of ethical hacking as well as you can any information from this applications if you want to become a super hacker so this is best for you.

3. Nipper Toolkit Web Application for Android

The nipple toolkit web is the top third Android application in this list. The benefit of this application is that you can fine the loop hole of any website . There are some steps , first of all you have to open this application then a dashboard will appear , after that you can copy or paste the link of any website of your choice and after you copy and click the search button then , you can get every weakness of this website , if you will think in second way so that means you can hack the any website which you want you hack , oh yeah!! This is so amazing just go and use this application.

4. Hide Screen

The number fourth application for Android that is hide screen  and this is very helpful for you. Because you can save your battery from this application. Hide screen application is that pro hacking application in which you can hide your screen , when you turn on the button. The screen appears black in colour and there is  button or power button does not work. Suppose when you give your phone in any body hand then he will think that this phone has totally dead. And also you can make fool of anyone by taking and silently you use this application.

when your friend want to on this phone so he will shock or angry , and he will think what happens suddenly in this new or old phone. There are some steps to run this application successfully , so first of all start this application and there is a start button appear on the screen and when you click on the button , your screen will successfully appears black. But if you want to turn off the button , so you have to do double tap to your phone and the darkness will remove.

5. File Chef Application

This is an awesome pro hacking application for searching and the benefit is that you can search anything from this application. For example when you open this application then you have to select a category for getting pictures , so after selecting a category then when you click search then you will get the categories pictures. You can easily download these images.

6. Labalabi for WhatsApp

The name of this pro hacking application for Android is very sweet but whatever first of all we are discussing about the benefit of this application. The benefit of this application is that you can send messages to anybody in one time. When you open this application , so a dashboard will appear on the screen. So you have to first choose the amount of messages which will be sent by you. So after choosing the amount and there is larger number of message you can send and disturb the person anytime. The message includes from the many companies or brand offer are sent on their number and so that’s why this application name is labalabi.

7. Hacking Sploiet Ethical Hacking -Top EThical hacking application

This application is awesome and you will get many top different tutorial of pro hacking techniques in this application. Many of the people haven’t know about the proper actual hacking videos that when they watch the videos of hacking. but if you download this pro hacking application. so then you can get many of the useful pro hacking information or the glorious tricks.

8. Text Me Up Free

Text me up free is an amazing type of pro hacking application for Android and it’s time to talk about it benefit. The benefit of this top hacking application is that you can call anyone on the phone number freely. The bonus thing is that your number will not show on that particular phone which you are dialing. The number will be appear on the call receiver will be UK or any different countries but your number will not show.

9. Stalk Scan

This is an another top fabulous app and we are going to talk about the benefits of this pro hacking application. The benefit of this application is that you can get any kinds of information of someone from the Facebook. These information hacking includes that when he or she change the profile , can see chats , can see photos , no of photos he upload and uploaded , can see when he or she accept the friend request , when they upload their story. So all the information , you can get from this application of anybody.
When you open this application , so a dashboard will appear on the screen , then you have to copy or write the link so then you can get all the information from the Facebook.

10. Evil Operator

Now first of all let’s talk about it benefit , the benefit of this pro hacking application is that you can call the two different number to each other. Yes! this is true , Now taking an example suppose if you have a girlfriend. she has an another boyfriend except you , he talk to your girlfriend everytime , so you can call their two numbers to each other by adding these numbers in this application and both will think that he or she call me but in reality you are calling both each other. And you can also record the calls between two guys. This is very fun application.