Top 5 Best Piano in the World Must see

Introduction of Top 5 Best Piano in the world

Today we are going to discuss the Top 5 best piano in the world . Piano is an amazing acoustic musical  instrument and it is invented by a very popular person named Bartolomeo Cristofori in Italy around in 1700 and he was expert in  harpsichord maker and had greatest knowledge of all stringed keyboard instruments. We generally use keyboard to play the piano.
A person can play piano by striking the keys of the keyboard. The first piano had a quieter sound and it had small dynamic.

range but modern pianos have very awesome sound with high dynamic range. It’s also help us in our vocal singing like sargam. Generally if we also want to become a singer so the piano is the bestest instrument which improves your vocal singing as well as your piano fabulous piano skills. It is very beneficial for us , It is good for our physical health, It increases human growth hormone , It help in improving concentration. So we have some amazing world topest piano which increases your attractive force towards this –

1) Kurzweil CGP220 Digital Concert Grand Piano- Top Most in Top 5 best Piano in the world

Kurzweil CGP220 Digital Concert Grand Piano- Top Most in Top 5 best Piano in the world

In the list of Top 5 best Piano in the world , It is the top most piano in all over the world which made by the brand kurzweil. It is too much featuristic than the other brand of piano. It was founded by Ray kurzweil in 1982. The headquarter of this brand is in United states . So now let know about its magnificent features –

  1. It is fully weighted and have contains 88- note.
  2. It has keyboard sensitivity upto ten level.
  3. There are 128 amazing preset voices and also have 98 preset rhythm pattern which is very interesting and enjoyable to play.
  4. Generally simple pianos have less than four drum kits but it’s has eight type of drum kits.
  5. Reverb , Echo , Delay and chorus are four mind blowing different effects include in it.
  6. sustain , sostenuto , soft are some pedals along with a matching bench.
  7. It contains Four amplifier , Two headphones jacks , Four speaker and also with 200W stereo sound system.
  8. It also have some buttons of variation , Metronome and tempo button as well as included 16-character alphanumeric LCD display.
    And some other features you can check in the website as given below.

2) Steinway D-274

In the list of top 5 best piano The second most piano is Steinway D-274 piano

Steinway is one of the popular brand in all over the world. The name of its model number is D-274 and very famous  founder name was Henry E Steinway made a grand piano in 1836 and D-274 is built in 1883-87. The price of this piano is more than 200,000 dollars.
1. The length of Steinway D-274 is 274cm , the width is 156cm and the weight is approximately 480 kg.
2. It contains 4000 samples per key and also contains 20,000 samples per microphone position.
3. It has six pre-configured preset such as Concert , Intimate , Player , Pop , Ambience , Mighty.
4. Body resonance and Sympathetic resonance are awesome.
5. There are two number of pedals are soft , sustain and sostenuto.
6. Have 88 number of keys and much more expensive features.
So why are you waiting for just go and buy and become a legendary pianist.

3) Nord stage 3

Nord Stage 3 piano HP76 76-

It is an another amazing sound piano. The famous manufacturer of Nord stage pianos named by Clavia digital music  instruments of Stockholm in Sweden. The first Nord stage piano made in 2005 , Nord stage EX in 2008 , Nord stage 2 in 2011 , Nord stage 2 EX in  2015 and the Nord stage 3 in 2017. The sample memory , polyphony , synth sample memory , synth polyphony of Nord stage 3 piano is much greater than the rest of previous Nord pianos.It is the fifth generation piano of this stage series. so we have some amazing features you can see here-

1. The nord piano library contain 2 GB  doubled memory and also have 120 voices.
2. The nord sample library 3.0 contain 480 MB of expanded memory.
3. It contains four selectable velocity curves , dedicated piano filter as well as clavinet EQ controls whose ranges : 100Hz , 200Hz – 8 KHz and 4KHz.
4. It have two effects :- Effect 1 include  Ring modulator, tremolo, autopan , wah-wah, autowah 1 and autowah 2.
And another Effect 2 also includes mind blowing effects such as Flanger , Vibe , 2 Phasers and 2 choruses.
5. Twin , JC and small are three types of speakers simulation as well as 3 band equilizer with sweepable mid .
6. There are many types of oscillator in this piano like Classic , Wavetable , superwave , Sample and Formant.
And you can also check out more fabulous feature and also the connection  on the website name

4) Roland HP-207 MH Digital Piano

In the list of top 5 best piano the fourth is Roland HP-207 MH Digital Piano

A brand new Roland HP-207 piano is waiting for you. Let us know about history of Roland corporation, The founder of Roland corporation named as Ikurato Kakehasi in 1972 at Osaka, Japan. The headquarter of this corporation is in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka at Japan. There are many fabulous musical instruments are made by Roland and made ultimate electronic pianos.The price of Roland HP-207MH Digital piano is 3,45,000 in rupees. There are many interesting and amazing features so let us know about it shortly :-

  1. This piano have 88-key multi-sampled piano sounds also with piano resonance.
  2. It has 128 polyphony voices as well as 337 tunes includes 1 SFX and 8 drum sets .
  3. It contains 8 types of Temparament with selectable tonic.
  4. The tempo quarter note ranges from 10 to 500 and 120 ticks per quarter note of resolution .
  5. 2/2 , 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 , 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8 are all mind blowing metronome beat , the level of volume is upto 10th with 11 metronome patterns.
  6. The cabinets with front legs is well designed for a stylish and stable look of piano.
  7. It also have half key feature with DH-01 Holder for External CD drive.
  8. Internal memory have max. 99 songs
    And there are approx 30,000 notes storage.
    And this piano contain more interesting features you can check from this

5) Casio Privia PX-860 Piano

In the list of top 5 best piano the last one is Casio Privia PX-860 Piano

In the list of Top 5 best Piano in the world , Casio brands is very popular brands in the world. The first electronic keyboard was made in 1980 , the Casio released its first piano which was named as casiotone 201. After that CT-201, this brand made various incredible version of pianos with very exciting upgraded features such as CT-401in 1981 , PT-50 in 1983 , CZ-101 in 1984, SK-1 in 1986 and more upto the father of all versions is PX-860. The price of this piano version PX-860 is approximately 75,000 in rupees. So now let us know about some fantastic features of it:-

  1. There are 88 number of keys with the hammer action. There are 18 number of voices as well as contains 265 polyphony notes.
  2. The height , width ,depth and weight of this piano is 8.37cm , 135.7cm , 30cm and 78lb respectively.
  3. The ranges of tuning control A4 frequency is 415.5Hz – 440.0Hz – 465.9Hz.
  4. It includes 3 pedal inputs and 2 head phones jacks.
  5. There are some magical effects such as hall simulator of 4 types , chorus of 4 types, brilliance, DSP ( preset for some tunes).

So these are all about the biggest pianos . Thank you

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