Top 5 Best Pro Internet Trick That You Never Know

Hey guys , as you know very well the importance of Internet for us because its solve our infinite number of problems like a God. By using internet we can connect with somebody , paytm transfer or receive from someone , can hear updated news, location of the places and much more. So Today We are going to discuss or know about the some cool and fantastic tricks of the Internet and after learning these Best trick , so you will become a Pro guy. Now let start these Top 5 Best Pro Internet trick one by one.

Top Best Pro Internet Trick Number 1.

The First Top Best Pro Internet Trick is that Sometimes you may want to share the account of a particular website with your friends but you may not want to disclose your password , In this case you will do that suppose your wants to have your Amazon Prime video account to watch his or her favorite movie but you don’t want to disclose your password is your friend because you are using the same password or other websites as well like Facebook Gmail whatever.

Just install the share account Chrome extension on your Google chrome and ask your friend to do the same.

Once you receive the code then enter the code into the recipient text field of the code and you have to enter the number of hours what you want that your friend to have access to your account. Finally click and share and that will generate a code and now ask him to enter it in the shared result text field. Once your friend enters the code and clicks the receive. He will be granted access to your account. Now move to the Second Top Best Pro Internet Trick.

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Top Best Pro Internet Trick Number 2.

The second Top Best Pro Internet Trick is Awesome. You have heard sometimes some of the specific websites might be blocked. Our own ISP might Block the Websites. You cannot access them from your internet connection. In such cases you might want to use a VPN to open the blocked websites and if you don’t readily have a VPN installed on your device so you can use Google Translate to access the block websites.

Yes , Google translate can be used as a VPN to go to the On the Other side enter the website that you want to visit now and on the right side you can see the website that you enter. So just click on the website URL and you will be taken to a web page which displays your website within it. You can browse the website however you wish but the only thing is you will not be able to download the files from the websites accessing by this method. Now Let’s discuss about the Top third Best Pro Internet Trick.

Top Best Internet Trick Number 3.

Another Top Best Pro Internet Trick is that when you are saving passwords for websites on your browser. So these passwords stick around and automatically gets filled up and whenever you visit on that particular website from your browser.

Now these passwords are not in clear-text because they are masked with either Asterix or dots. Now in order to see the clear text form of these passwords you can go to your browser settings but in order to reveal , so these browser asks you to enter the admin password of the computer. Now if you don’t know the admin password or simple you don’t want to enter the admin password so a simple tricks to see the clear text form of the saved passwords.

Go to the website who saved the password. You want to see now you will see the password is automatically filled. The Browser filled Automatically the password. But the password is obviously masked highlight the masked password. So Click the right and select inspect element now you will see some code with some portion of the code are highlighted. and you see a code that is responsible for the password field. The attribute that says type and change it password to text and hit enter and that’s it you successfully and masked the saved password. This works on any website and on any browser. Now move to the next Top Best Internet Trick.

Number 4.

There is an another amazing Top Best Internet Trick , first download the dash lane application and to continue the setup you have to add the dash lane extension and click on the Go to web store then,

Now Create an account on the Dash in App and choose a master password which you will use to unlock all your other passwords.

You can now start saving the passwords on different websites. You can also Remember the passwords are now saved on the Dash In app and not on your browser. So no one can access your passwords unless enter the master password of the dash in app. Whenever you visit any website whose password you saved on the Dash name , the password will get automatically filled up by Dash name. Now if for some reason you need to give you a computer to someone else . So you can simply log out from the Dash In app. And also your passwords will no longer get filled. They can’t be accessed by anyone.

So yes this is definitely a Top way to manage your passwords , card details , addresses etc on various websites by staying secure at the same time and also make sure you check out of the premium version of the dash lane which has a lots of additional features like VPN , dark web , monitoring password health monitor etc. You can use the code tech routes to get Ten percent off on your purchase of the premium version.

Number 5.

Here We have Reached at our Last Pro Internet Fifth Trick ,Many times you may have need to share the text information between the computers , just taking an example you might be preparing some text on your school or college computer for your assignment. Now you need the text with you so that you can continue your assignment work even from your personal computer or laptop at your home so there are many ways to share the texts to other computers , you can mail the text or you can upload the text into Google drive etc but the most easiest and convenient way to do it.

Go to name , actually the string after the slash can be anything you wish and that you remember flawlessly. Now create an account on this website and. Click on the create site and you get a page. So just copy the assignment in paste in that page.

Now you get to choose a password to unlock your text so that no one except , you can see the text. Now you can get your text from any computer by going to the link which is created by you and by typing in the password . You set also you can make modifications or edition to the text and save it in that way you can manage your text information efficiently.

Thank you so much