Top 5 Big Money Earning applications of 2020

We have Top 5 Big Money Earning applications of 2020 for you in which you earn real cash without going anywhere. These applications provides you a platform to earn big prizes. You can become very famous by playing these. your knowledge mind concentration also improves by playing these games. These applications can fulfill your all needs . So there is some applications are given below must check these-

Now Start the Top 5 Big Money Earning applications of 2020

1) mobile premiere League

MPL- Top 5 Big Money Earning applications of 2020

Mobile premiere League is one of the greatest money earnings application in india in the list of Top 5 Big Money Earning applications of 2020. Millions of people use this application . The craze of mpl is very high among people. Our Indian captian virat Kohli  takes this application at different level. You can  earn infinite money from this application by your playing skills. Every types of easy games include in this such as fruits chop, ice jump, run out, cricket, can jump, basketball, monster truck, fruit slice , rage road, space combat, battle fleet, build up, go ride, space breaker, bloxmash, flipster, sniper , maze up , football, shoot out, bubbles shooter, runner no. 1 , fruit dart, cricket clash . In this application have
included some  mind concentration and knowledge full games like chess, poker, ludo, quiz, pool, 2048, rummy , carrom, checkers. These all games are very enjoyable and very attractive .
Some  paid tournaments of pubg mobile and free fire are  also available. You can create your own show freely to exchange money exchange tokens , chatting . You can also host your own tournament of any game and can give invitation to your friends to play with you and challenge your friends directly in a battles match.

The possibility of earning high money will increase when you play fantasy sports games like cricket , basketball, kabaddi, and more. Auctions is also available. When you continuously increase your winning amount you get different higher level tier which show the best game changer of the mpl. You can daily spin the wheel to get rewards , can get cashback coupons by adding money . You can easily withdraw your amount in your paytm , Amazon pay, upi, bank account securely. You can take help of mpl support team if you have any kind of issue chats support also available . You can refer your friends to get big exciting rewards. So what are you waiting for show your gaming skills and knowledge and be the richest and famous in the world.


2) Winzo gold

Winzo gold - Top 5 Big Money Earning applications of 2020

Winzo gold is the awesome application for earning the cash. We can easily earn by some daily tournament like 24×7 tournaments , daily contests , challenge your friends and by fantasy cricket also. The fantasy cricket is very different from other applications because the selection of 15 players are allowed but you can select one player from two on either side.
There are many enjoyable easy games like howzatt , space breaker, penalty shot, snake run , cricket, football, knife up, bubble shooter and many more. The fabulous thing of this game is that the fee of every contest is very very minimum , by this you can earn much cash in very short fees. If you have some issue about any kind of fair problem then you can take chats support from the winzo support team.You can easy withdraw your winning amount in your paytm or bank account. The very interesting thing is that at different level you get money in Winning cash and by referring your friends you get some cash to play and win. A very awesome application is waiting for you so go ,play and become the winzo pro player.


3) Big cash

Big Cash- Top 5 Big Money Earning applications of 2020

In this Top 5 Big Money Earning applications of 2020 , A newly fantastic earning game of India is big cash . As like name ‘ Big cash ‘ you will already know the winning cash is big. And very interesting things of this application is that you can win the cash by tokens. You get spin wheel daily one time. It has very easy and exciting games like cricket cash , rummy, 8 ball pool, fruit chop , car race, basketball, soccer, knife hit, egg toss, ice blaster. Also includes some fantasy sports games of cricket , kabaddi , football. More token tournaments gives the possibility of profit because there is no any chance of losing your cash if you lose. No one are pro here no one can cheat here. You can take any kind of help from the support team of big cash . Easy withdraw system is available , also refering your friends to get exciting bonus rewards.when you download with your new account so you get 10 rupees bonus to play . Play compete and win.


4) Getmega

Get Mega - Top 5 Big Money Earning applications of 2020

In this Top 5 Big Money Earning applications of 2020 , The Get mega is a tremendous application in which we win the mega cash. In this application we can win by our knowledge or gaming techniques. In get mega, there are three kinds of playing system are-
1) Trivia- In trivia , few games are one two three( easy maths questions ) , true/false , cocktail and fastest finger first.
2) Casual – In casual , such games are speed chess, Tig tag toe, rack up, smash and more .
3) card – In card game there is only one type of games known as texas , the value of this game is very high because the tournaments winning amount higher than casual and Trivia.
The time limit is available in this games.
You can register with your Facebook account after registration you get some gems to play after this you should buy gems by adding cash from any account. You get free ticket by referring a friend. If you have any issue so go to the concern and can also take chat support also , chat support is very great in this can check your history of tournament . You can successfully add or withdraw your winning in your paytm or upi or bank account. So if you want to earn very big cash than mpl , winzo gold and big cash then must play this one.


5) Loco

Loco- Top 5 Big Money Earning applications of 2020

Loco, an awesome game is waiting for you . You can with cash daily without any loss because there is only coin system for playing in this application. You need to complete daily task to earn coin to answer the quiz questions or by playing coins tournaments.
In loco , there are many fabulous and easy games like guns bottles, Big zag rush , Bull smash , Bubble shooter, Fruit blast , Air war 1941, Warrior, Boat fighter
, Merge mania, Gully cricket, Night ninja and more. But there is one thing you can not trust only on one game because the winning cash is low so for high winning you should have to play all games then you win big money . These all games provides you both type of tournaments if it is coins tournaments else it is cash can also check the leaderboard. An interesting and different thing of loco is that there is a live quiz cash tournament also here. You can check here the schedule time of live
Quiz contests and you will give wrong answer you get eliminated but after elimination you have one or two chances to come back in the game by your coins. Withdrawal system is very amazing the minimum amount of withdrawing is very low.


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