Top 5 latest unique android apps

Top 5 Latest Unique Android Apps

Today we are going to tell that Top 5 Latest Unique Android apps. Top all top 5 Latest Unique Android Apps is very Awesome and its also Boost up Your Smart Phones. So Now We are Telling you about these Application Now and we also give you the Link to Download these Apps.


1. Cam Find: Object Details Finder app

CamFind – the Number one in Top 5 latest unique android apps

In the List of Top 5 Latest unique Android Apps the number first is Came Find and also This is very Great Application. By The Help of this Application , You can see and collect Details of any object on the spot. Suppose after installation of this application on your Smart Phone. You have opened this app camera after login or sign and you will open this app camera. After open this Camera , just take the Picture of any Object like Television , AC , Car , etc. After that this app will scan that Object and after identification you will get all the Details of that object.


2. Shazam

Shazam: The Number second app in the list of top 5 latest unique android apps

The Number Second application name is Shazam and also this is very genuine application for the music. Yes , This application is very helpful for the music lovers. Because by the help of this application you can find any music name. Suppose you are listening a song offline with unknown name and also even sometimes you do not know about the name of that Particular song and you started finding on youtube or online. So Shazam helps you at that moment , just open this application and After login Tap to Shazam and the listening process will be Started. Then Take the another smart phone with unknown name song voice close to the Shazam app. After Listening some lines , the Shazam app will tell you the correct name of that unknown song.


3. Posteroid

Posteroid - Apps on Google Play

The Number third application is Posteroid and also this is again very Awesome application. By the help of this application , you can create any type of Poster without watermark and also you can create any type of Quotes. You can Customize your Quotes and also you can change the Background and more. This app is very helpful for the Social Media user for creating for Daily Status Posting.


4. Unique Control

Unique Controls 2.2.3 Apk Full Unlocked | Download Android

The Number Fourth application is Unique Control , this application name is also similar to our heading. This application is just of only 2MB but this application increase or advance the controller of your Smart phones. After opening this application , you will get two option 1. Halo and 2. Pie. if you enable the Hello option , You will see a circle icon on the left side of your phone. You can excess all the notification easily by sweeping on the circle icon. And also when you enable the option Pie , so you will find some switches , where you check your network , weather report and more.


5. Rounded Corner

Rounded Corner - The last one in top 5 Latest unique android applications

This is the last application of the list of Top 5 Latest Unique Android apps. This application is very useful. By the help of this application , you can round your smart phone corner , if you are not able to understand so just see the picture given below.


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