Whiskey Freestyle Lyrics By DDG

Whiskey Freestyle Lyrics By DDG(Rap Lyrics)

Whiskey Freestyle Lyrics By DDG(Rap Lyrics). Learn and Sing the Whiskey Freestyle Lyrics By DDG(Rap Lyrics) given below. There are few edits in the Para but it can be readable to you.

Whiskey Freestyle Lyrics By DDG(Rap Lyrics)

Whiskey Freestyle Lyrics By DDG(Rap Lyrics)

That is 1 small step for man
1 giant leap for man-kind
Booked in BnB, the shit could get tricky
On the tour in philly, they popping they wheelie
Been made a million ur Bit*h may get near me
She told me, I texted back ily
That is not a shorty, tht’s all of our shorty’s

So if she got pregenant, we going on Maury
Hit when I am hornyy, then dip in the morng
She boring, U love her U corny
Money the mission, I am ball like piston
These niggas are not listen, I told em I am
See 3 different Bit*hes
Thy sniffing that COCO its white like a pigeon
She’s off the molly, she rollng she rocky…
A 10 she a hottie, she hott as a taki…
Babe get naughty, I am all in her body
She said that I am a player & My attitude cocky!

Thy know i got it, I do not gotta flexx
Straight from the bottom, we’re cashing the checks
Word on the street is thy say-ing I am next
Do Not gotta speak U can send-it in Txt
Only the elites I am removing the pest
Just like a Bby, I am su*king her Chest
All in her dental Myy semen crests

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As-soon-as she seen it,
I am sticking nd stroking
She tooted, I am pokng
I need a trojan
Myy Sht hella potent
L.A I am toting these niggas is scoping
Thy hungry, they hopelesss,
Thy slide inthe open

D.D.G popping, I am 1 of the hottestt
I am just being honest when I started in College
I am dripping, I am styling