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World Most Popular Music Band of All Time

Introduction of World World Most Popular Music Band of All Time

So Guys Today Here we will Discuss Some of the World Most Popular Music Band of All Time , These Band are very Electrifying Music that are Beatles Band , Metallica Band , One Direction Band , Queen Band , Nirvana Band , Led Zeppelin Band , Linkin Park Band and the AC/DC band. And also see entertainment related news on

1. Beatles Band- Number One World Most Popular Music Band of All Time

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The Beatles Band was the World’s Most Popular Music Band of all time For Rock Music. The Beatles Band was formed in Liverpool England in the year 1960. There were the fabulous four stars of the Beatles Band that are John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison. Their most popular rock songs were to feel the crowd or fans energetic. One time this Band emerged as the Beatlemania. The phenomenon of the Beatles began in 1963 but After the Band Break up in 1970. Lung cancer caused the death of George Harrison in 2001. John Lennon was killed in Dec 1980. And the broken up of the Beatles, the fans felt very Emotional at that time.

2. The Metallica Band

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Metallica Band is another Heavy metal World Most Popular Music Band of All Time in America. The Metallica Band was formed in Los Angeles in 1981. The former of the Metallica Band is James Hetfield ( Famous Guitarist/Vocalist ) and the very famous Drummer’s name Lars Ulrich. The Metallica Band followed with Ride the Lightning in 1984. In the Underground music community, Metallica had earned a growing fan base. The Metallica Band won nine Grammy Awards from the Twenty three Nominations. This band has sold over 125 million Worldwide Albums as of 2018.

3.Led Zeppelin Band

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The Third World Most Popular Music Band of All Time and it is an English Rock Band. The formation of Led Zeppelin was in London In the year 1968. The Rockstar group contains Robert Plant( the Famous Vocalist ), Jimmy Page ( the Legendary Guitarist ), John Bonham ( the fire Drummer ), and John Paul Jones ( the popular Keyboardist or Bassist ). The Led Zeppelin Band is known for its influence on Heavy metal Development. The Led Zeppelin group influenced by the various Categories of music such as Rock and Roll music, Folk and Blues music, Indian and Arabic music, and more. There is a very popular song by the Led Zeppelin Band is Stairway to Heaven.

4. One Direction Band

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The Number fourth is the One Direction Band and this is another British-Irish Band group of Males. In the Early 2010s, one direction band awesome Bright pop Rock music extracted the young fans around all over the world. The names of the Members were Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and the departed former member of this group in 2015 is Zayn Malik. This Group made on the Popular British TV Show The X Factor in 2010. After that, this band shows their own pop music creativity and the audience also loved their music from before to now. Next Move to the Another World Most Popular Band of all time.

5. Queen Band

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Queen is another very popular rock music band of British. This band group was formed in London in 1970. The Names of the members of the queen Band Freddie Mercury (the popular vocalist and pianist), Roger Taylor (famous Drummer and vocalist), Brian May (Guitarist), and John Deacon (bass). This band got many popular awards for their music production like the Grammy Hall of fame in 2001. They also got the Brit Award for their fabulous contribution to music and more. Queen Band was one of the most commercially successful music acts of all time in all over the world. Their uniqueness in their rock music fired everywhere. The fans were always excited for every next rock song from the Queen Band.

6. The AC/DC Band

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AC/DC Rock Band is another hard World Most Popular Music Band of All Time of Sydney, Australia. In November 1973, The AC/DC Band formed in London. The members of this group are Angus Young ( the Famous Guitarist ), Dave Evans ( the fired Vocalist ), Malcolm Young ( the Rythem Guitarist ), Colin Burgess ( Drummer ), and the Bassist names Larry Van Kriedt. This time fans of this band enjoy every song of every tour. Songs like Shoot to thrill, Thunderstruck, and much more are very popular rock songs when you will listen then you only feel and feel.

7. The Nirvana Band

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Nirvana is another Most Popular Music Band of All Time in music history. The Nirvana Band was formed in Seattle in 1987. The mix of rock’n’roll of down-tuned, punk rock spirit, Dirgey, and the abstract lyrics. They originally capture the imagination of disaffected Generation X youth increasingly. The members of this huge band were Kurt Cobain ( the famous singer as well as a guitarist ), Krist Novoselic ( Bassist ), and Dave Grohl ( Drummer ). The word Nirvana is most commonly used in Buddhism which refers to the religion attaining an ultimate spiritual goal of a state of enlightenment. There are some most popular albums of Nirvana Band that are Nevermind, Bleach, and In Utero.

8. Linkin Band

Link In Park is another awesome and very famous Rock Band in America. The Origin of the Link In Park Band is in Agoura Hills and California. There are many Different Categories of the song included in this such as Nu Metal, Alternative metal, Alternative Rock, Electronic Rock, and Rap rock. The members of the Linkin Park Band named was Mike Shinoda ( the popular vocalist and the Guitarist ), Dave Farrel ( The Bassist ), Bred Delson ( the Lead Guitarist of this band ), Rob Bourdon ( the Drummer ), and the keyboardist ( Joe Hahn ). They got some amazing Music Awards such as MTV Europe music award, Brave Otto, two Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, and much more.

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